Maxsaće Blk Men's Bathrobe

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* Lightweight Polyester Blend fabric for men's bathrobe

* Self-tie belt ensures a secure and stylish universal fit         

* Includes two front pockets for your morning necessities      

* Machine washable with cold water gentle cycle and mild detergent
The MACHTEES bathrobe is a must-have for all bathrobes! this brazilian bermuda style bathing suit with an open front and a drawstring hood. the waist is meant to be worn as a full bikini and the high back design makes it perfect for any body type, and the adjustable shoulder straps allow you to customize your fit. it features the signature matte black and white color combination.
Material: Made from our premium quality fabrics exclusive of waste. We use eco friendly inks that are both chlorine and salt water resistant. This means the colors may fade or bleed after wash.
Design: Our suits look good on any body types, but we highly suggest you wear them as a set. In this way, you can have all three designs on hand-painted garments and keep all three in hand at all times :)